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Welcome to Three60N, the only podcast where we explore the North today. We're not here to focus on the extreme weather or feats of survival (although those are awesome); we're here to meet and chat with the people leading the way in northern life.

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    Ep. 9: Birds, belugas and benefits

    Tallurutiup Imanga is a conservation area twice the size of Nova Scotia and is key to Inuit self-determination.

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    Ep. 6: Gaming "on the land"

    Living in Ivujivik means striking a balance between humans and nature. Thomassie Mangiok was inspired by that balance to create his board game Nunami.

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    Ep. 5: #Grounds4Change

    Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow was tired of waiting on the federal government to solve the water issues on First Nation reserves, so he started selling coffee.

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    Ep. 3: Marvel's Snowy Super

    After a run-in with Sila, Amka Aliyak becomes Snowguard, Marvel's new Inuk superhero!

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    Ep. 2: For the love of language

    Jacey Firth-Hagen has always loved her Gwich'in language, but it's one of the most endangered Indigenous languages in Canada. She launched #SpeakGwichinToMe to try and save it.

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    Ep. 1: Plugged in

    Think your hydro is bad? Try living off a diesel generator.

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